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    Home Page > Movies & DVD > Magic Mike


    PREVIEW in ENGLISH by PETER DEBRUGE ( - Dal 65. Festival Internazionale del Film di Locarno - Dal 21 SETTEMBRE

    (Magic Mike; USA 2012; Dramedy; 110'; Produz.: Iron Horse Entertainment/Extension 765/Nick Wechsler Productions; Distribuz.: Key Films)

    Locandina italiana Magic Mike

    Rating by
    Celluloid Portraits:


    Titolo in italiano: Magic Mike

    Titolo in lingua originale: Magic Mike

    Anno di produzione: 2012

    Anno di uscita: 2012

    Regia: Steven Soderbergh

    Sceneggiatura: Reid Carolin


    Cast: Matthew McConaughey (Dallas)
    Channing Tatum (Magic Mike)
    Olivia Munn (Joanna)
    Alex Pettyfer (Adam)
    James Martin Kelly (Sal )
    Cody Horn (Brooke)
    Joe Manganiello (Big Dick Richie)
    Matt Bomer (Ken)
    Reid Carolin (Paul)
    Riley Keough (Nora)
    Kevin Nash (Tarzan)
    Adam Rodriguez (Tito )
    Gabriel Iglesias (Tobias)
    Mircea Monroe (Moglie di Ken)

    Musica: Frankie Pine

    Costumi: Christopher Peterson

    Scenografia: Howard Cummings

    Fotografia: Peter Andrews (alias Steven Soderbergh)

    Montaggio: Mary Ann Bernard (alias Steven Soderbergh)

    Makeup: Diana Thomas-Madison

    Casting: Carmen Cuba

    Scheda film aggiornata al: 25 Novembre 2012



    Liberamente ispirato a un'esperienza di vita realmente vissuta dal protagonista Channing Tatum, l'attore si conferma una delle star più gettonate del momento.

    Guida macchine da corsa, ha un appartamento di lusso e le donne cadono letteralmente ai suoi piedi. Mike, in arte Magic Mike (Channing Tatum), nuota nell’oro. Il segreto del suo successo? Lavorare come spogliarellista all’Xquisite, la discoteca più «in» della città. Il diciannovenne Adam, alias The Kid, lo guarda con ammirazione. Mike prende sotto la sua ala il giovane Adam, che è alle prime armi. Gli insegna come muoversi sul palco per sedurre il pubblico e come muoversi nell’ambiente per difendere i propri interessi, in particolare contro il famigerato Dallas, il proprietario del locale.


    Mike (Channing Tatum) è un imprenditore. Uomo dai molti talenti e dal grande fascino, trascorre le sue giornate inseguendo il Sogno Americano in tutti i modi possibili: riparando i tetti delle case, lavando auto o disegnando mobili nel suo appartamento sulla spiaggia di Tampa.
    Ma di notte… Mike diventa semplicemente magico. Focosa star di uno spettacolo tutto al maschile, Magic Mike, grazie al suo stile originale e al suo eccezionale modo di ballare, è da anni l’attrazione principale del Club Xquisite. E più lui piace alle donne, più loro spendono, più Dallas (Matthew McConaughey), il proprietario del locale, è contento. Intuendo delle potenzialità in un diciannovenne che ha soprannominato The Kid (Alex Pettyfer), Mike lo prende sotto la sua ala protettrice iniziandolo alle raffinate arti di ballare, animare una festa, rimorchiare le donne e fare soldi facili. Non passa molto tempo prima che la nuova attrazione del club abbia delle ammiratrici tutte sue.
    Intanto Mike incontra l’affascinante sorella di The Kid, Brooke (Cody Horn) che, a differenza delle altre, è una ragazza diversa…


    A male stripper teaches a younger performer how to party, pick up women, and make easy money.

    Commento critico (a cura di PETER DEBRUGE,

    Ladies are gonna love "Magic Mike," a lively male-stripper meller inspired by Channing Tatum's late-teen, pre-screen stint as an exotic dancer. More low-calorie fun than any Steven Soderbergh movie since "Ocean's Eleven," this breezy offering ought to be subtitled "How Steven Got His Groove Back," as its typically high-minded director drops pretentions like tear-away pants. Meanwhile, enlisting a squad of Hollywood hunks to strip down to their thongs alongside him, Tatum (backed by producing partner Reid Carolin) drains the shame from a profession that gets no respect, serving up a guiltless girls' night out likely to rank among the summer's word-of-mouth sensations.

    Nobody works harder than Mike, a sort-of "what if" version of Tatum had he stayed in Tampa, Fla., and stuck to stripping. A self-described entrepreneur, Mike juggles three jobs -- dancing, roofing and auto-detailing -- but dreams of starting a fourth business designing custom furniture. A few years ago,

    he would've had no trouble getting a loan from the bank; these days, credit is so tight, the situation has practically forced him into stripping -- or so the film slyly implies with a terrific, typically Soderberghian scene in which Mike tries to use his use his ladykiller charms, plus a stack of $14,000 in unwadded tips, to convince a female loan officer to back his furniture proposal.

    Naturally, such real-world details are the first thing to come off once Carolin's script heats up. Frankly, "Magic Mike" is no different from the gentleman who walks into the room dressed as a firefighter or cop and then delights the crowd by taking it all off. Tatum, Soderbergh and team appreciate the real reason audiences showed up, and the film provides just enough character and plot to validate the plentiful pecs and abundant buns that serve as its main attraction.

    While Mike

    is planning the next stage of his career, he meets a clueless 19-year-old college dropout, Adam (Alex Pettyfer), at the job site. The two guys bond a little, which gives Mike the confidence he needs to drag the kid -- whose stage name will soon become "the Kid" -- into the world of the Xquisite all-male dance revue, an elaborately choreographed G-string extravaganza overseen by self-made golden boy Dallas (Matthew McConaughey) and featuring a lineup that includes Matt Bomer ("White Collar"), Adam Rodriguez ("CSI: Miami"), Joe Manganiello ("True Blood") and WWE star Kevin Nash (who lumbers through routines the others enthusiastically ace).

    Like Christina Aguilera in "Burlesque" or Ryan Phillippe in "54," Pettyfer plays the film's wide-eyed audience surrogate, and even though ticketbuyers know what he's getting himself into, there's a thrill in discovering this world through such a giddily naive perspective. Not since "Step Up" has Tatum had such

    a perfect showcase for his crazy dance moves, but it's no less entertaining watching Pettyfer play awkward as Adam is thrust onstage, stumbling through his "virgin" performance.

    Everything about Soderbergh's approach, from the energy to the music (a mix of hot-today dance songs and such beefcake standards as "It's Raining Men") to the nonjudgmental tone, seems to be onboard with stripping -- everything except Adam's overprotective older sister, Brooke (Cody Horn, fully committing to the character's single disapproving-frown expression). Of all the dark, complicated paths the story might have gone down, "Magic Mike" contents itself as a relatively superficial different-classes love story, in which Mike must prove himself responsible enough in Brooke's eyes to overcome the pimplike way he recruited her brother, ultimately giving Tatum a chance to bellow, "I'm not my lifestyle!" like some kind of dime-store Stanley Kowalski.

    That's not to say Tatum isn't actor enough to handle

    the assignment. In addition to the role's physical demands, he has the added challenge of making it look effortless, and Tatum's gift comes in playing things casual, inhabiting the character without having to spell out an elaborate backstory. Of the other strippers, McConaughey steals the spotlight, adding yet another strong characterization to a respect-building streak that began with "The Lincoln Lawyer" last year. Meanwhile, a certain dopeyness serves Adam well, and Pettyfer proves an excellent case of a director using his star's limited acting abilities to the film's advantage.

    Soderbergh is in excellent form here, putting aside the ambitious experimentation that threw a wet blanket on such ostensibly sexy projects as "Full Frontal" and "The Girlfriend Experience," while re-embracing the professional lighting and shooting techniques missing from "Contagion" and "Haywire." (Once again, he serves as his own d.p., under the pseudonym Peter Andrews.) Tatum reportedly first approached Nicolas Winding Refn

    about making "Magic Mike," but here he has the benefit of not only Soderbergh's commercial savvy, but also the good-humored generosity and keen anthropological interest the helmer brings to every project. No moment captures that sensibility better than an oblique glimpse of backstage "fluffing" sure to rank among the year's most amusing shots.


    Nota: Si ringraziano Key Films e Maria Rosaria Giampaglia (QuattroZeroQuattro)




    • Steven Soderbergh (Regista)

    • Channing Tatum

    • Matthew McConaughey

    • Alex Pettyfer

    • Olivia Munn

    • Kevin Nash

    • Matt Bomer

    • Mircea Monroe

    • Joe Manganiello

    • Cody Horn

    • James Martin Kelly

    • Riley Keough

    • Adam Rodriguez

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    Magic Mike - intervista video a Channing Tatum 'Magic Mike' (versione originale sottotitolata)

    Magic Mike - intervista video a Matthew McConaughey 'Dallas' (versione originale sottotitolata)

    Magic Mike - clip 'It's Raining Men' (versione originale)

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