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    Home Page > Movies & DVD > Mechanic: Resurrection


    Preview in English by Mike McCahill ("The Guardian") - Dal 24 Novembre

    (Mechanic: Resurrection; FRANCIA/USA 2016; Thriller; 98'; Produz.: Chartoff-Winkler Productions/Davis-Films/ME2 Productions/Millennium Films; Distribuz.: Eagle Pictures)

    Locandina italiana Mechanic: Resurrection

    Rating by
    Celluloid Portraits:

    See Synopsis

    Titolo in italiano: Mechanic: Resurrection

    Titolo in lingua originale: Mechanic: Resurrection

    Anno di produzione: 2016

    Anno di uscita: 2016

    Regia: Dennis Gansel

    Sceneggiatura: Philip Shelby e Tony Mosher

    Soggetto: Storia di Philip Shelby e Brian Pittman, basata sui personaggi creati da Lewis John Carlino e Rachel Long.

    Cast: Jason Statham (Arthur Bishop)
    Jessica Alba (Gina)
    Tommy Lee Jones (Max Adams)
    Michelle Yeoh (Mei)
    Sam Hazeldine (Crain)
    John Cenatiempo (Jeremy)
    Toby Eddington (Adrian Cook)
    Femi Elufowoju Jr. (Krill)
    Anteo Quintavalle (Frank)
    Yayaying Rhatha Phongam (Corriere)
    Bonnie Zellerbach (Preside)

    Musica: Mark Isham

    Costumi: Preeyanan 'Lin' Suwannathda

    Scenografia: Sebastian T. Krawinkel e Antonello Rubino

    Fotografia: Daniel Gottschalk

    Montaggio: Ueli Christen, Michael J. Duthie e Todd E. Miller

    Effetti Speciali: Kevin Chisnall (supervisore)

    Makeup: Sarisa Sarnsirikul (supervisore); Vasit Suchitta; Paul Pattison (per Jason Bateman)

    Casting: Raweeporn 'Non' Srimonju e Marianne Stanicheva

    Scheda film aggiornata al: 04 Dicembre 2016


    In breve:

    Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) è tra i sicari più richiesti al mondo: meticoloso, non sbaglia un colpo ed è specializzato nel far sembrare gli assassinii dei normali incidenti. Anche se uscito dal “business” Arthur sarà costretto a tornarci per un’ultima missione: completare una serie di omicidi, uccidendo gli uomini più pericolosi al mondo, senza che l’FBI si accorga che i colpi portano la sua inconfondibile “firma”.


    Arthur Bishop thought he had put his murderous past behind him when his most formidable foe kidnaps the love of his life. Now he is forced to travel the globe to complete three impossible assassinations, and do what he does best, make them look like accidents.

    Arthur Bishop, the master assassin who faked his death in hopes of putting that part of his ;life behind him, now lives a quiet life in Rio. But someone who knows who he is shows up and tells him, that if he wants to continue living this life, he will do three jobs for someone. Bishop tries to tell them he has the wrong man but they know who he is and if he won't do the job, they will take him but he gets away. He then goes to a resort in Thailand run by a friend, Mae, where he tries to find out who is looking for him. Later a woman named Gina shows up looking for medical assistance and Mae can't help but notice bruises all over her body. Mae deduces she's a battered woman and when Mae hears her being beaten, Mae asks Bishop to help her. He goes and kills the guy she's with. He kills the man and then sets fire to the boat he's on. But he sees that Gina has a photo of him. He deduces that they one who wants him, sent her. He confronts her and she admits that she works at a children's ...

    Commento critico (a cura di Mike McCahill, The Guardian)

    Jason Statham undersold as cut-price Bond. This humdrum sequel fails to match the precision of its predecessor, while denying Jason Statham the comic wings of his revelatory turn in last year’s Spy

    2011’s The Mechanic, a carefully calibrated remake of the Charles Bronson hitman thriller, was presented as a notable development in Jason Statham’s transition from hired muscle to self-made leading man. This humdrum spot of repeat business ditches the definite article, and with it much of the precision and gravity. Formerly a meticulous one-off, Statham’s Bishop now looks more like another cut-price Bond, obliged to assemble his own lethal weapons while drifting through exotic Pacific locales in a dreary opening travelogue. Matters pick up with the three hits Bishop undertakes to rescue bikini-clad aid worker Jessica Alba: there’s an ingenious kill involving a rooftop pool, and it’s amusing watching Tommy Lee Jones’s return to Under Siege styling as an eccentric

    arms dealer. We’re stuck with a nondescript Mr Big, however, and the perfunctory action climaxes with a submarine-base shootout that screams “direct-to-DVD”. The Stath, alas, is following orders throughout: given his revelatory comic turn in last year’s Spy, he may yet return to material that allows him to raise smiles and smash heads, but this shrugging afterthought isn’t it.

    Secondo commento critico (a cura di Owen Gleiberman,

    Jason Statham stars in a down-and-dirty B-movie 'Mission: Impossible' that's as lean and mean and minimalist as he is.

    “You’re different!” So says an old colleague (Michelle Yeoh) who hasn’t seen Arthur Bishop, the mission-improbable hitman in “Mechanic: Resurrection,” for a long time. “Older,” he replies, coming out and stating the obvious. In fact, Jason Statham doesn’t merely look older than he did when he last played Arthur Bishop, in the 2011 thriller “The Mechanic.” He looks leaner and meaner, more squinty with resolve, more brutally and methodically sociopathic. With his hair cropped closer than usual, Statham has become a total bullet-head, a human ice pick — a machine of death.

    For a while now, Jason Statham has been the thinking man’s smart/dumb B-movie action star. His films, or at least a lot of them, swim around in the grindhouse muck of bloodsport and revenge, a genre that has spawned

    such brooding blocks of wood as Steven Seagal and Chuck Norris. But Statham, unlike most action-pulp icons, is a genuine actor, with a darting intelligence and finesse. He has often been much better than the movies he’s in, and he has flirted with the A-list as well. It’s seriously doubtful that an action star pushing 50 would be considered for the role of James Bond, but it would be fascinating to see what Statham could do with it.

    The closest he has probably come is the character of Arthur Bishop, assassin for hire, whose signature is that he kills and makes it all look like an accident; it’s his way of leaving no traces. Five years ago, in “The Mechanic,” Bishop trained a new protégé (played by Ben Foster), but the movie, loosely based on a 1972 Charles Bronson film, was ludicrous — a series of overwrought daredevil stunts and situations.

    It was too much over-the-top action, with not enough (borderline) plausibility.

    “Mechanic: Resurrection” is the movie “The Mechanic” should have been — a bite-sized Bond film, or maybe a grittier homicidal knockoff of the “Mission: Impossible” series, with a lone-wolf renegade as the entire team. Bishop, living undercover in Brazil, is hunted down by his boyhood frenemy, Craine (Sam Hazeldine), who orders him to perform three kills. He has no desire to do any of them, but Craine holds a trump card: Gina (Jessica Alba), whom Bishop has rescued and fallen for. He thought he was finished with murder-for-hire, but now he has to kill for love.

    It’s part of the film’s compact efficiency that in scene after scene, Bishop carries off in about 20 minutes what Tom Cruise and company would spend an entire hour to plan. There’s a downside to that: In a great M:I adventure, like Brad Bird’s hypnotically

    intense “Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol,” the stakes were high, and when Cruise slithered around on the tallest skyscraper in Dubai, the effect was pure heart-in-the-throat, hands-clawing-the-seat poetic vertigo.

    In “Mechanic,” there’s a scene that’s a knockoff of that Dubai spider-walk, with Bishop using electronic suction cups to slither up to the penthouse swimming pool of a mining billionaire in Sydney. Bishop, unlike Cruise’s Ethan Hunt, has no short circuits or slip-ups; he’s too manly for that. He swings around on his harness, then drills a hole in the pool’s glass bottom and inserts a tiny cone, which gets injected with fluid until it cracks the glass. (The villain falls right through.) It’s as impeccable as a physics equation: The result is one kill (of a really, really bad guy), but the spirit is that of a heist thriller. It is all, in every sense, perfectly executed.

    Everything else Bishop does is

    just as pinpoint. His first target is an African warlord who has barricaded himself inside an Alcatraz-like prison fortress. Bishop gets himself arrested and placed in the prison, then arranges to save the warlord’s life as a way of getting invited to dinner. It’s all staged, by director Dennis Gansel, with enough connect-the-dots ingenuity to spin you right past your disbelief — or, at least, to make an enjoyable wink at it. Then Tommy Lee Jones shows up, wearing the wardrobe of a Eurotrash playboy, as a weapons dealer with a circular lair that evokes the one in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” Jones phones in his performance but classes up the proceedings; at last, Statham can share scenes with an actor as quick as he is.

    The relentless invincibility of the hero is part of what reduces an action film to pulp rather than art. But Jason Statham — or,

    at least, the Jason Statham brand — has no more room for vulnerability than the hero of a combat videogame. He’s all kick-ass all the time, and “Mechanic: Resurrection,” having served up a soupçon of cleverness, wastes no time delivering the bullet-spraying, jaw-smashing goods. Even here, Statham draws on the inner heat of his intelligence. He’s like a Bruce Lee of automatic-weapon fire, so awesomely quick in his decision-making — he’ll use this gun, which then runs out of bullets, necessitating this head-butt, which leads, inevitably, to this lightning-fast roll behind something that can shield him — that his split-second intensity lends everything that happens a kick of spontaneity. In “Mechanic,” he’s a mechanic of murder, of escape, of ingenuity, of combat. He’s too good (and too badass) to be true, but that’s why we like him. It would be nice to see Statham make a movie one day that’s

    accomplished enough to raise his game. Until that happens, “Mechanic: Resurrection” will do.


    Nota: Si ringraziano Eagle Pictures e Gabriele Carunchio (presspress)




    • Dennis Gansel (Regista)

    • Tommy Lee Jones

    • Michelle Yeoh

    • Jason Statham

    • Jessica Alba

    • Yayaying Rhatha Phongam

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